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The longest rock castle in the Czech Republic

Bohemian Paradise

There are many historic monuments situated in the romantic region of the Czech Paradise. One of the most beautiful and most famous is the barrier fort Vranov, also called Pantheon. It towers on a narrow and steep sandstone cliff above the right bank of the Jizera river and high above the village Malá Skála. It is the longest rock castle in the Czech Republic.

Vranov was founded as a fort, around year 1425. In 1802, the dominion Malá Skála was bought by an entrepreneur named František Zachariáš Römisch. He improved the access path to the castle and built a lookout high over the Jizera river, where you can enjoy a beautiful view of Malá Skála and the Jizera valley.

Römisch placed many gravestones, memorials, inscriptions, stone urns and dates of events in the castle and its neighbourhood, which commemorate mythical and historical personalities and events, writers, artists and poets. In one room, there are names and events from the fights against Napoleon, in another we can find mythical names from the Czech history. You can meet Shakespeare, Goethe, Cervantes etc. After this reconstruction, the castle got a new name – Pantheon. Together with its bailey, the castle is almost 400m long. Nowadays, it is considered to be the longest and most complicated rock castle in the Czech Republic.

Pantheon, author: Pavel Charousek
Pantheon, author: Pavel Charousek
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