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Rock bridge Pravčická brána and its little sister

The only true rock bridge in the Czech Republic can be found in upland Děčínská vrchovina in the National Park České Švýcarsko (Czech Switzerland) near Hřensko. Natural rock bridges are quite rare, in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. A bridge is a rock window created by weathering of rocks, its peak must be on the same level as surrounding landscape. If this condition is not satisfied, is it rather a rock window, tunnel or a gate.

Pravčická brána is without any doubt a rock bridge. It is also one of the most popular and most photographed natural objects in the Czech Republic and has unique dimensions – it is the largest rock bridge in Europe, a 25m wide and 16m high object of sandstone. The peak offers its visitors nice view to surrounding landscape, not only to the National Park České Švýcarsko, but also to its German counterpart called Sachsische Schweiz.

The lesser sister of rock bridge Pravčická brána, which is called the Little Pravčická brána, is situated in the same sandstone region Labské pískovce, to the east of the bigger bridge. It also offers nice views to surrounding landscape. The inside dimensions of this rock arch are smaller, it is 2,3m high and 3,3m wide and only 1,5m deep. Although these dimensions are not so monumental, this rock bridge, as well as the country round about, attracts attention of many visitors. It is possible to visit Loupežnický hrad (formerly called Šaunštejn), a sharp, rugged sandstone rock which used to be the place of a wooden castle of robbers.

Pravčická brána
Pravčická brána
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