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Šluknov Region

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Šluknov is the most northern region of the Czech Republic. Its culture and history has been influenced by neighbouring Lusetia and Germany for many centuries. This neighbourhood has created specific local customs and culture, which has been preserved up to this date. In the south and south-east, the region Šluknov extends to the nature reserve Lusetian Mountains.

Šluknov is the most northern town of the Czech Republic and gave the name to the whole region. It is situated in the middle of basin Šluknovská kotlina. To other bigger towns of the region belong Rumburk and Varnsdorf, situated near the Lusetian Mountains in a basin of river Mandava. On three sides, it is surrounded by Germany.

The landscape of Šluknov is really diverse and very attractive for tourists. It will be enjoyed by lovers of historic monuments, as well as hikers and bikers. Šluknov is a suitable base for trips to the Lusetian Mountains and other interesting tourist destination.

The region Šluknov offers to its visitors the discount card BENEFIT Program, which helps you to save money in many tourist destinations. The discounts apply to accommodation as well, you can save up to 20% of the total accommodation price.

To learn more about the region Šluknov, see our virtual sightseeing tours.

Šluknovsko v zimě
Šluknovsko v zimě
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