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Frýdlant Region

Jizera Mountains

The region Frýdlant is situated in the north of the Czech Republic. In the south it borders with the Jizera Mountains, which are connected to Frýdlant historically. The administrative center of the whole region is the town Frýdlant. It has a rich history. In the 6. century a watch tower on a basaltic rock was built, later it was rebuilt into a chateau. It is reported that the chateau was an inspiration for the famous writer Franz Kafka. Nowadays, the castle and chateau Frýdlant belong to the most visited historic monuments of the Czech Republic.

This region has a unique landscape of fields, meadows and forests. It is affected by the proximity of the Jizera Mountains, many streams can be found here (Malý a Velký Štolpich, Safírový potok), as well as a lot of historic houses and farm houses, timbered houses, large farms, barns and sandstone gravestones. The countryside around Frýdlant is an ideal place for hikers, biker and climbers.

The idyllic landscape of region Frýdlant and the Jizera Mountains can be enjoyed from the view tower on the top of mountain Smrk or from many view points on the top of rocks. To the most popular belong Holubník or Ořešník. There is even a spa and popular tourist destination Lázně Libverda with mineral springs and famous restaurant Obří sud. The baroque church Visitation of the Virgin Mary in Hejnice is an important pilgrimage point.

It is possible to learn more about the history of Frýdlant in Jindřichovice pod Smrkem. There is a Museum of village life describing the history of the region, to the exposition belongs even a small wind mill.

The region Frýdlant offers to its visitors the discount card BENEFIT Program, which helps you to save money in many tourist destinations (ex. Municipal Museum Frýdlant, Museum of village life in Jindřichovice, you can play paintball or try a ride in a combat vehicle etc.) The discounts apply to accommodation as well, you can save up to 20% of the total accommodation price.

To learn more about the Region Frýdlant, see our virtual sightseeing tours.

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