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Lusetian Mountains and Ještěd ridge

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The Lusetian Mountains is a relatively small mountain range on the border with Germany, between the towns Kamenice, Nový Bor and Liberec. The highest mountain is Luž. A small part of the mountains is situated in Germany and is called Zittauer Gebirge. The Lusetian Mountains are covered mostly by woods, you can find here a lot of typical plants, some of them belong in the Czech Republic to the endangered species. There are also flocks of deers, bucks, wild boars and mouflons.

The Lusetian Mountains offer many possibilities for hikers and bikers. Marked tourist trails and trails for bikes lead you for example to Jiřetín pod Jedlovou with a ruin of castle Tolštejn and Křížová hora with a unique Way of the Cross. There are other castles and chateaus, for example Sloup, Grabštejn a Lemberk. The view tower Jedlová offers you a beautiful view, nice views to the surrounding countryside can be enjoyed from the top of mountains Klíč and Luž.

There are examples of various traditional village architecture in the Lusetian Mountains – timbered houses with saddle roof, ruins of some castles, view towers and interesting rock formations. The region offers a wide range of nature trails and many possibilities for relaxation, hiking and skiing.

Near the city of Liberec is situated a distinctive landmark – mountain Ještěd. In winter, there is a modern ski center for downhill skiing and marked tracks for cross-country skiing. From the top of the mountain ranges Rašovka and Ještěd, there are unforgettable views to Krkonoše, Jizerské hory, and hills Ralsko and Bezděz. New golf courses have recently been built here and attract many new visitors too.

The City of Liberec offers many possibilities to do sports or enjoy cultural events. There is a ZOO, Botanical garden, entertainment center Babylon with an aquapark, Nordbohemian museum, funicular to mountain Ještěd etc.

The Lusetian Mountains and City of Liberec offer a wide range of accommodation in all price categories, you can find here hotels, private places and mountain lodges.

This region offers to its visitors the discount card BENEFIT Program, which helps you to save money in many tourist destinations (ex. ZOO Liberec, Botanical Garden Liberec, Centrum Babylon Liberec, Glass Museum Nový Bor, Adventure park Malevil, paintball etc.) The discounts apply to accommodation as well, you can save up to 20% of the total accommodation price.

To learn more about the Lusetian Mountains, see our virtual sightseeing tours.

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