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Hiking Trails - System of Trail-Marking

Jizera Mountains


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Hiking trails are marked uniformly throughout the Czech Republic. The system is very clear and simple: Four colors for all trails.

Trails are managed and marked by the Czech Hiking Club (Klub českých turistů).

Cornerstone of the system is the hiking sign with the colored stripe in the middle (on the edge are two white stripes. 

The colored stripes in the middle different the trails:

  • red - long distance or ridge trail 
  • blue - other important trails 
  • green - local significance 
  • yellow - short connection paths 
The same colors are used in the hiking-maps, therefore is a very simple orientation secured. 

At the crossroads (or important points), there are signs with the kilometer data to the destinations. 
Feeder or educational trails are marked with hiking signs in another form.


start / end of the trail local marking (eg. circular route)

branch to an interesting destination branch to the summit or viewpoint

branch to a source or well branch to a castle or castle ruins

band-hiking signs (very often) signpost with kilometer indication

site designation arrow (turn of the trail)

educational trail intersection of the trails
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turistické značky
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