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Železný Brod - the town of glass and folk architecture

Bohemian Paradise

Železný Brod, 468 22

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We invite you for a trip to the historical centre of Železný Brod. This is a light walk suitable also for families with small children as the entire tour is approximately 1 km long. One can admire cottages located in a national heritage reservation and visit places demonstrating the history and present of the local production of glass, all confined in a small area.

The ideal point of departure for this walk is the lovely Malé (Small) square, where you can also park your car. We recommend that you climb the sandstone stairs up to the church where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Malé square. Do not miss the wooden belfry from 1761 and Baroque-style eight-sided charnel house beside the church.

Leave the church, return to Malé square and walk up Hluboká street to a picturesque nook surrounded by historical buildings around the fountain in the part of the town called Trávníky. Keep walking along the small street towards Grossovsko (one of the peculiar features of this town is that the houses still bear the names of their former owners) until you come to František Balatka street. This street leads left up the hill. It copies the route of the ancient regional road from the inlands to Silesia.

On the left you will see three well preserved cottages. After passing them turn sharp down the left and descend to the fountain in Trávníky and Grossovsko. Below turn from Hluboká street into a narrow street which will lead you to Železná street, where you should turn right. There you will find the shop of Kortan, a manufacturer of glass and jewellery.

Not only can you buy beads, original jewellery or glass objects in this shop, but also learn a lot about the glassworks technology and history. Right in the shop, behind a plexiglass wall, there are two tables with glass making burners. This allows you to watch the manufacturing of glass pearls and glass decorations safely, yet at close range.

These glassworks presentations are free of charge and take place as long as the shop is open without you having to book in advance. Booking in advance is recommended only for groups of more than 20 people.

As you pass the first wooden house on the corner, take the narrow path between the cottages, go over the bridge over the Žernovník brook and enjoy the marvellous view of the town's largest house built of logs in 1807, called Běliště. Nowadays, this building houses the town's museum's ethnographic exposition. The exhibits also include wooden models of other long perished buildings of Železný Brod.

Departing from Běliště you should keep walking straight on along the Žernovník brook and then along a small street leading slightly to the right amidst wooden cottages. One of them, Huškovsko, a former smithy, on the left. If you want to have the best view of it, look from the bank of the brook. Carrying on, you will come to the busy Štefánikova street, which will guide you to Náměstí 3.května square. This is where you will discover the last sample of the town's wooden architecture – Klemencovsko built from wooden logs in 1792. In 1936 its face became a part of the building of the town's savings bank and nowadays houses the Museum of Glass. Then you can walk along Husova street back to Malé square.

At the town's information centre it is possible to obtain a detailed map of the recommended route, which will help you find all these interesting places and learn more about them.

Zelezny Brod - mesto skla a lidove architektury
Zelezny Brod - mesto skla a lidove architektury
Lidová architektura - Grossovsko
Lidová architektura - Jechovsko
Lidová architektura - Klemencovsko
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