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The Českolipsko Region


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Mimoň is located near Česká Lípa at the stream of Ploučnice, in the attractive area of Ralská pahorkatina. No exact records of the town foundation have been preserved.

Historically Mimoň has been documented from the 13th century when a settlement was established on an important road from Žitavsko to Bohemia. A merchant road leading from the Baltic through Žitava to Prague came through the area in the past. The oldest owners of the manor were the nobles of Ralsko and the family of Vartemberk. They built Ralsko Castle on the hill of the same name (696m) whose ruins have been preserved up to now.

Mimoň is surrounded by the former military area of Ralsko. After the military operation finished, the area became a popular tourist destination thanks to the riches of natural beauties and monuments. Ralsko offers tourists many opportunities for hiking and cycle touring.

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