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Following the Tales of Bohemian Paradise

Bohemian Paradise

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The Bohemian Paradise is a region emblazoned with numerous tales, legends, myths and fables. Therefore, the Bohemian Paradise Association has prepared Following the Tales of Bohemian Paradise, a tour of this magical region. We have selected twelve legends most typical of individual areas. The Bohemian Paradise has thus been divided into 12 areas, where you can wander together with the characters from the tales.

Set out for a trip to Hrubé Skály rock town in the company of a black knight or to the surroundings of Malá Skála, a zone governed by bandits. Find a gem on the slopes of Kozákov with the assistance of rock dwarves, go on a trip to Horního Pojizeří, where you will meet the fairy Jizerýna, flower garden tended by the goblin Pelíška, the good spirit of Prachovské rocks, or to Mladá Boleslav region to the brave postman. Travel around Jičín and stop at the chapel on top of the hill of Zebín. Listen to the Wailing Wind blowing between the towers of Trosky or the whispering of the water in the snake's spring near the town of Sobotka. Admire the sandstone rocks named after a good giant situated close to Mnichovo Hradiště climb to the nearby ruins of Valečov.

In addition to the original twelve legends, eighteen more have been published on postcards. These include the story of the secret corridor at Roštejn, the chateau of Dětenice, fairies in the ponds of Hrubý Rohozec and many more.

We have also prepared the Travel Book, where children write down their experiences, do interesting exercises and collect stamps from the places that they visit. Everyone who buys the Travel Book will also receive a free Quest Map with characters drawn in it and a case for postcards. You will collect stamps in the Travel Book, in places identified by the logo of the game, i.e. the dwarf. After you have collected five stamps and have completed tasks in one section of the Travel Book, you will receive a Bonus Card and a small gift in one of the information centres.

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