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Sychrov 1
Radimovice, 463 44

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Sychrov is located in the southern tip of the Region of Liberec, around 6km north-west of Turnov.

The village was first mentioned in 1367. Several local owners owned the chateau in the past. In the period from 1690 to 1693 Knight Lamotte built a Baroque several-storey chateau in the place of an original fortress, named Sychrov. Later it was owned by several other owners. The final look was given to the castle by the Rohan family who emigrated to Bohemia after the Great French Revolution.

You will also find a beautiful railway viaduct over the valley of the Mohelka River in the village. Sychrov is an ideal starting point or final destination of excursions to Český ráj, Podještědí or Jizerské hory. The landscape in the environs of the village is varied and ideal for hiking and cycle touring.

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