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Stráž pod Ralskem

The Českolipsko Region

Stráž pod Ralskem

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Stráž pod Ralskem is located on the connection between Liberec and Česká Lípa, around 10km from the Czech-Polish-German border.

Stráž pod Ralskem became a part of history in the middle of the 13th century when a patrol castle was founded on Zámecký vrch. In the area below the castle a small town was founded whose existence is documented by a deed of Wenceslas II, dated 1283. During the construction of big ramparts against Prussia even Emperor Joseph II stayed in Stráž pod Ralskem.

You will find both timbered and framed houses in the town. Two-storey houses are primarily connected with German residents; Czech residents mostly lived in one-storey houses. In the two-storey houses there were bedrooms on the first floor; in the one-storey houses people slept and lived in one large room.

Stráž pod Ralskem neighbours on the former military zone named Ralsko. The zone was reopened to the public after a long time and offers excellent conditions for hiking and cycle touring. There is also Hamr na Jezeře, a well-known holiday resort located close to Stráž.

Stráž pod Ralskem
Stráž pod Ralskem
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