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Nový Bor

The Českolipsko Region

Nový Bor

Phone:+420 487 726 815
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Nový Bor is a picturesque town located on the border of two protected landscape areas - České středohoří and Lužické hory. In the past the development of the town was closely connected with the development of glassmaking. Nowadays plenty of small glass foundries attract tourists from all over the world to see the manufacture of blown, painted, cut or engraved glass with their own eyes. The local Glass Museum ranks among interesting sights as well.

Thanks to the undulating landscape, the town is a popular destination for summer and winter holidays, ideal for hiking, cycling and skiing. Tourists are attracted by many pleasant and well marked tracks and trails. Ski lifts and a downhill slope were built on Polevsko; cross-country ski tracks were built in its vicinity. A unique wood cemetery with a memorial to participants of the Rumburk Rebellion is located near Nový Bor.

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