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Hodkovice nad Mohelkou

Bohemian Paradise

nám. T.G.Masaryka 1
Hodkovice nad Mohelkou, 463 42

Phone:+420 485 145 353
+420 485 145 354
Fax:+420 485 145 103
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Hodkovice nad Mohelkou is a town located in North Bohemia on the road connecting Liberec and Turnov. It is surrounded by mountains and hills. There are the Lužické hory in the north-west, Vrchovsko with sandstone rocks in the south-west and Kozákov in the east.

The first record of Hodkovice dates back to the 14th century. At that time it used to be a settlement lying on a merchant road. Till the 19th century Hodkovice preserved its carters' character; there used to be plenty of pubs and inns for traders coming through the village. Another important business activity which developed in the town was trading in glass and later textile industry.

Hodkovice lies at the crossroads of hiking trails and cycle tracks leading towards Ještědský hřbet, to Lužické hory, or in the opposite direction to Český ráj. Lovers of flying may use the local sports airport. Climbers will enjoy rocks in the rock towns located nearby.

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