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The Českolipsko Region


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Dubá is located south of Česká Lípa, not far from Máchovo jezero.

The first records of Dubá date back to 1253. The well-known noble family of Berka of Dubá came from the town. In the Middle Ages they ruled over a large part of North Bohemia. Their castle used to be located at the road above the current movie theatre. Nowadays only a few traces of the former castle remain on the ground. There used to be two churches in the town, which vanished without a trace. Only the third church has been preserved - the Elevation of the Holy Cross Church. As far as other interesting buildings are concerned, there is the Town Hall, built in the Empire Style in 1851, and Baroque Presbytery from 1737. Various timbered houses have been preserved in the settlements in the town environs.

There are good conditions for water sports in the environs of Dubá - Máchovo jezero and Holanské rybníky are located nearby. South of Dubá, there is Kokořínský důl, which attracts visitors with its numerous natural monuments.

Dubá, author: Petr Musil
Dubá, author: Petr Musil
Dubá, author: Jan Čelikovský
mapka z roku 1749, author: městský archiv Dubá
Dubá - pohled z Nedvězí, author: Pepa Středa
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