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Dlouhý Most

Jizera Mountains

Dlouhý Most 193
Dlouhý Most, 463 12

Phone:+420 485 149 017
Fax:+420 910 053 414
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Dlouhý Most is located around 10km south-east of Liberec, on the hills of Ještědský hřeben.

A part of Dlouhý Most is Javorník, a settlement lying on the slope of a hill of the same name (684m). The hill separates the Baltic and North Seas. The first note on the village dates back to 1547. At that time a Lutheran settlement of German charcoal burners was established in the place of the current village. A country road connecting Bohemia with Lužice led through the region.

From Dlouhý Most, you may set out on a trip to Podjštědí or Liberec, a city offering various cultural and sports events or activities. The nearby Jizerské hory are a popular destination of hikers and skiers. There is a water reservoir in Dlouhý Most, which is used as a swimming pool in summer.

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