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Čistá u Horek

Giant Mountains

Čistá u Horek

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Čistá u Horek is located roughly in the middle of the road from Nová Paka to Hostinné, in the beautiful landscape of Podkrkonoší. It is a typical mountain village extending along the brook of Olešnice.

Čistá u Horek is first mentioned in historical sources in the period from 1369 to 1405. There used to be a fortress and court in the place of a later brewery. There are numerous timbered houses with carved gabled housetops in the village, dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries.

The countryside around Čistá u Horek is ideal for hiking and cycle touring, it is criss-crossed by beautiful paths leading to the entire region of Podkrkonoší. Lovers of winter sports will not be disappointed either. They may choose one of the ski resorts in Krkonoše, offering a wide selection of ski lifts and perfectly tended cross-country ski tracks.

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