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Bílý Kostel

The Českolipsko Region

Bílý Kostel

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Bílý Kostel is located in a valley of Lužiská Nisa not far from Chrastava, north-west of Liberec.

The first record of the village dates back to 1352. In the past Bílý Kostel was mentioned as a mining village; lead and silver were mined near the village. There is Panský mlýn on the right bank of Nisa, a Late Baroque court dating back to 1793. At the turn of the 16th century predatory gangs hid in the ruin of Roimund Castle located nearby. Therefore Nicholas II had the remains of the former guard castle pulled down. Only parts of tower houses and fortification walls have been preserved up to now.

Panenská Hůrka, a small settlement founded by German colonists from the Krušnohoří and Duryňsko regions, is attached to Bílý Kostel. The colonists discovered deposits of silver, copper, zinc, tin and lead. Numerous traces of intense mining have been left in the location. Remains of Štola pěti bratří are traceable in a place called Hutní kout. Nowadays Panenská Hůrka is predominantly a holiday resort.

Obec Bílý Kostel nad Nisou
Obec Bílý Kostel nad Nisou
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