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Bohemian Paradise

Všeň 10
Všeň, 512 65

Phone:+420 481 329 511
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Všeň is located between Turnov and Mnichovo Hradiště. It lies uphill above a wide valley of the Jizera River.

The village is first mentioned in written sources from 1318. Various buildings bearing typical features of rural architecture and small sculptures - crosses and statues have been preserved there. A village bridge made of reinforced concrete leads over the Jizera. It was built in 1912 and was declared a technical monument.

Všeň lies in the neighbourhood of Skokovy and large woods of Žehrov, leading up to the medieval Kost Castle. Thanks to its position, it is an ideal place for a peaceful but active holiday. You may choose from a wide selection of hikes or cycling tours to Český ráj.

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