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Giant Mountains


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Jilemnice is a town known as the gateway to western Krkonoše. It was founded at the beginning of the 14th century by the Waldstein family as an economic and market centre of the Štěpanice estate, later the Jilemnice estate. The origin of the name of Jilemnice is indicated in the municipal coat-of-arms, depicting an elm tree in a silver field.

In the past linen manufacture developed in the town, which flourished particularly at the turn of the 19th century, predominantly thanks to the Harrach family, whose members raised it to the world standard.

Jilemnice is also known and famous for its skiing tradition and is often called the 'Cradle of Czech Skiing'. Since 1894 sports skiing in Jilemnice has been organized by the SKI Czech Krkonoše Union, the oldest independent skiing union in the Czech Republic.

Jilemnice has a very precious historical centre, consisting of three connected sets. Visitors will appreciate the typical atmosphere of a mountain town. Thanks to its good location, Jilemnice has been regarded as a good starting point for excursions to western Krkonoše for years.

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