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Česká Kamenice

The Českolipsko Region

Česká Kamenice

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Ancient town Česká Kamenice is situated on the river Kamenice, 15 km northeast from Děčín, 18 km southwest from Varnsdorf.

Town was probably founded in thehalf of 13th century under castle Kamenice that stood on near-by Zámecký vrch (Castle hill). Historical core of town with oblong square is mentioned as entrenched town already in 1352. From former walls and gates is preserved only southern Zámecká brána (Castle gate). Close to it there is a chateau built up on the place of former lord´s farmstead in the years 1541-1543.

Opposite to chateau there is a cathedral of st. Jakub, originaly from 14th century, completely re-built 1562 and especially in the years 1604-1605. Inside the cathedral there is lately Gothic hall’s three-nave, decoration is classicism and rococo mostly from 18th century, baroque font, even young Antonín Dvorák played local organs in the years 1856-1857, in the crypt there are 8 coffins of Vartenberks, valuable tombstones from 16th century. Tower originates from the years 1552-1555, originaly it stood alone as watchtower and part of urban fortification, after rebuilding in 1605 it was connected to church as belfry. In the northern part of town there is chapel of Birth of Virgin Mary, baroque building from 1736.. Chapel is surrounded by quadri-wing cloisters with tower. Outside of chapel in a small park there is a monument to victims of WW1 and WW2 and monument to killed soldiers of Red Army.

On the Square of Peace stands baroque octagonal fountain from 1775 with statue of Virgin Mary from 1680, near fountain there is on the ground horse-shoe stoned by quartz, that indicated place where could be stood livestock for sale. Town hall with Latin inscription "Palladium Civitatis" (Bulwark of community), originally renaissance building probably from 1493 was rebuilt and enlarged in 1591, today in classicism form.

Kamenice´s castle stands on wooded basalt Zámecký vrch (Castle hill) southeast of town. There are also many places for recreation and sport. Large bathing place by Střelnice and smaller in Upper Kamenice, in surroundings Stará Oleška´s lake and natural bathing place in settlement Vesnička (Small village), watering-place in Palacký street. Ski-lift is on Ptačí vrch (Bird´s hill) in Upper Kamenice.

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