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Srbská Kamenice

Srbská Kamenice

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Srbská Kamenice is situated in length 2 km along river Kamenice, 4 km southwest of Jetrichovice, 5 km northwest of Ceská Kamenice.

Its name prooves ancient colonization of local forests from north by Slav´s people from Lusatia. First scriptural mention from 1352. Late-baroque church of st. Václav (Wenceslas) from 1774, equipment from end of 18th century. By road below church there is carved into high sandstone wall relief with religious motif (from 1701). Still in beginning of 20th century there operated numerous bleeching-grounds.

Until today were preserved folk buildings, timber and combined (timber with half-timbered). In the woods near village crashed in 1972 Yugoslavian airplane, only stewardess Vesna Vulovic survived (there is a small memorial on the spot of drop of main part of airplane). In the middle of village there is museum of Czechoslovak frontier fortification built there in the years 1936-1938.

Obec Srbská Kamenice
Obec Srbská Kamenice
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