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Janské Lázně

Giant Mountains

Janské Lázně, 542 25

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Spa town Jánské Lázně is situated in Krkonoše at the foot of mountain Černá hora - 1 300 m. The town is also an important recreation, tourist and sports center.

The thermal spring was discovered already in 1006 by Jan of Chockov and it was named after him - Jan´s spring. Jan Adolf Schwarzenberg, who acquired Janské Lázně in 1675, built the first spa building near the springs. In 1867 Janské Lázně became an independent community and at the beginning of the 20th century it rapidly developed - new hotels villas and pensions were built and the Trutnov – Svoboda nad Úpou railway was opened. Later Doctor Oscar Baudysch from the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research in New York made a new analysis of the spring which revealed that the water composition is similar to that of Warm Springs in Georgia, USA, where they were specialized in the treatment of post-polio conditions, especially those after poliomyelitis. So Janské Lázně spa followed this therapeutic method and it was met with a good response all over the world.

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