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Milčanský Pond

The Českolipsko Region

Holany, 470 02

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Milčanský Pond is one of the group of Holanské Ponds. The group consists of 23 ponds supplied with water from the Bobří Brook.

The ponds were probably founded in the 16th and 17th century. They are situated in picturesque area under the volcanic hills of Ronov and Vlhošť. The largest ponds in this group are named Dolanský and Holanský and are designed for fish breeding. Milčanský Pond is used for recreation; there is a sand beach, a children's playground, a boat rental outlet and opportunities to do water sports. There are 3 camping areas on the bank.

Area: 28 hectares.


Type of facility: Pond, reservoir, gravel pit
Beach: sandy
Other facilities: Children’s corner, Caravan park
Sports facilities: Pitches, Hire of boats and other equipment
Other options: Windsurfing, Water skiing

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