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Jizera Mountains

Bedřichov 218
Bedřichov, 468 12

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The Jizera Mountains and cross-country skiing inherently belong together. The mechanical grooming of the trails began in 1984. The basis for this was the famous Jizera Fifty race which has been held in the Jizera Mountains since 1968. Skiers wanted the trails to also be groomed outside the race period.

Nowadays, the Jizera Mountain Arterial Skiing Track Network consists of more than 170 km of groomed trails and 23 entry points which are spread about the entire Jizera Mountains. Thanks to the close cooperation with other trail operators, for example The Jizerka Mountains for You in Kořenov or Bieg Piastów in Jakuszyce, Poland, skiers can also transfer to trails in the Giant Mountains or to groomed trails on the Polish side of the border. The Jizerka Mountains Arterial Skiing Track Network welcomes more than half a million skiers every year.

Since 1999, the grooming of the trails has been realised by the JIZERSKÁ, o.p.s. non-profit organisation based in Bedřichov. It is possible to find daily reports of the snow conditions in the Jizera Mountains, the condition of the groomed trails and information about any limitations on the trails at www.jizerskaops.cz. It is also possible to friend the organisation on Facebook.

The grooming of the entire Jizera Mountains Arterial Skiing Track Network requires significant work. It is necessary to secure the repair and servicing of the snowcats, to find drivers who are prepared to spend the freezing winter nights grooming the trails in the middle of the mountains and to obtain the finances for the diesel and the many other costs associated with the grooming of the arterial network. Up to 5 million crowns are required to secure these operations every year. We receive a significant part of the funds from the budgets of the municipalities and towns, the Liberec Region and from our sponsors. However, the skiers for whom the trails are groomed should also take the opportunity to contribute to this.

And what new features can you expect this year?

· The trails in the Jizera Mountains will continue to be free, but we do need money from the public to cover the operations on the Jizera Mountain Arterial Skiing Track Network. As such, we opened a new public collection during the course of autumn. Once again, we want to give skiers the opportunity to actively participate in financing the arterial network.

· We hope to prepare the trail along the so-called Canal (Bedřichov Maliník – the intersection of the Government Track and the track to the Black Nisa) for cross-country skiers in the upcoming winter.

· We have prepared a new section of the arterial network from Čihadla to Kneipa where skiers used to pass each other in opposite directions which especially caused problems in the case of large visitor numbers and during the Jizera 50.

Thanks to the Czech Forests state enterprise and the Administration of the Jizera Mountains Protected Area for helping us once again during the widening the Jizera Mountains Arterial Skiing Track Network.

Mgr. Jana Lhotová

The Manager of JIZERSKÁ, o.p.s.

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