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Jilemnice town information centre

Giant Mountains

Masarykovo nám. 140
Jilemnice, 514 01

Phone:+420 481 541 008
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The information centre is situated in a historical building of the Czech Savings Bank, on the corner of Masaryk Square.

Jilemnice information centre is an officially certified information centre of the Czech Republic, which ensures the provision of complex information about all tourism-related services.

The information centre provides information about possible trips around the town, hiking routes, cycling routes, places of interest, activities, cultural and sporting events in Jilemnice and its surroundings as well as information about accommodation, dining and other tourism-related services.

The information centre also provides for advance sale of tickets to cultural, sporting and social events held in Jilemnice and its surroundings, searching for bus and train connections, copying, internet and other services.

In winter, the information centre provides information about the current weather as well as the conditions of snow, skiing tracks and slopes in the Krkonoše Mountains.

The information centre also sells promotional materials and brochures about the town, souvenirs, postcards, hiking and theme maps, guide books of the Krkonoše Mountains and other regions, tourist stamps, ceramic and other souvenirs.

Jilemnice information centre organises guided tours of Jilemnice Town Hall tower. It also sells tickets and provides guides' services.

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