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From Sychrov to the valley of Mohelka

Bohemian Paradise

Get to know the beauty of the castle park and the countryside outside the fence and its vicinity. This non-demanding and comfortable trip is suitable for persons with limited mobility, for families with small children and prams, and it is approximately 5 km long.

The castle park of the state castle Sychrov is enchanting for the visitors during any season. The composition is based on three spacious axes, moving from the park frontage. The central axis is terminated with the remote orangery.

After the tour in the castle park, take the blue tourist sign in Sedlejovice direction. Arthur’s castle is located in the descent to the Mohelka river valley. After nearly one kilometre of a pleasant walk and descent a completely different countryside opens, it is recognized mostly for different type of vegetation. Alongside the Mohelka river you can reach the village of Sedlejovice, where you turn to the right towards R35, which you will watch from the top.

Walk to the alley which will lead you to the fencing of the castle park. Sharp observers will notice the connection of the alley to the castle alley Rohanka and the church in Jenišovice on the other side. It is only up to you which side you chose to walk around the park to reach the starting point.


, author: Luděk Antoš
, author: Luděk Antoš
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