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Chapel of the the Birth of the Virgin Mary, Turnov

Bohemian Paradise

Turnov, 511 01

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The Neo-Gothic church is situated in the location where the Vartemberks, most likely Havel of Lemberk and his wife Zdislava established a Dominican convent with a large church consecrated tothe Virgin Mary in the late 13th century.

The Hussites burnt the monastery in 1424, also slaying the monks. The temple was demolished for its poor condition in the early 19th century. The temple was then replaced by one of the earliest Neo-Gothic churches in Bohemia built from 1825 to 53. This monumental three-nave basilica was consecrated to the Birth of the Virgin Mary. Its peculiar features include the never completed tower of the church, which has become a characteristic landmark of the town.

Location: Mariánské náměstí, Turnov

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