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Ruin of Veliš Castle

Bohemian Paradise

Veliš, 507 21

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Veliš Castle was built on top of Velichovův Vrch around 1300. At that time, it was the strongest castle in Bohemia.

At present, you can see just relics of the bastions, the tower and the western palace that are firmly connected with the basalt base; also, you can identify not very clearly marked access paths and the terraces on the southern top. One can imagine the look of Veliš Castle from the oldest picture on the parchment plan of the Vokšice manor residence elaborated in 1698 by Andreas Bernard Klauser, a surveyor.

The main part of the castle consisted of a large tower covered with a saddle roof with crenellation. From the western and eastern side, there were palaces closed with two smaller towers; the eastern one was connected with the chapel. To the north, there was a forward fort with a gallery and loopholes. The access road to the western gate was protected with palisade.

Access: By car, you can go from Jičín to Podhradí and then continue on foot to the top of the hill (follow the tourist trail). The top of the hill offers a spectacular view of the wide surroundings, in particular the wonderful panorama of Jičín.

Locality: 4 km to the southwest from Jičín, near Podhradí.

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