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Ruin of Pařez Castle

Bohemian Paradise

Libuň, 507 15

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The ruin of the rock castle that was named the Pařez - i.e. the Tree Stump, after its shape, is situated at the northwestern side of the Prachovské Skály.

Historic documents first mention the castle in 1403, when the owner was Jan of Pařez.

The rock on which the castle was built is divided with a narrow pass and a cleft in two parts. There was a rectangular tower with a gate at the western edge of the castle, accessible by means of a wooden bridge from the opposite rock. On the top of the rock you can still see imprints of fortifications and foundations of the rectangular tower.

Access: On foot from the Turistická Chata (Tourist Hut) along the red trail, past the swimming-pool called Pelíšek (4 km) or by car via Pařezská Lhota in the direction to Blata – you can park right at the castle. The locality is open to the public for free.

Locality: at the northwest side of the Prachovské Skály, 3 km to the southwest from Libuň, 8 km to the northwest from Jičín.

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