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Ruin of Harasov Castle

The Českolipsko Region

Vysoká, 277 24

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The modestly sized ruin of Harasov Castle is located about 8 km to the southwest from Mšeno and to the east from Vysoká.

The castle is located on about a 30-metre-high sandstone cliff above the pond, near the village named Harasov. In 1321 it was probably founded by Pešek Hrzán from Újezd. In 1420 it was in the possession of Dobeš from Harasov. Probably at the beginning of the 17th century the castle completely deteriorated. At that time the locality was a part of the Byšice estate. At present, there are well-preserved (well-situated) rock cellars carved in the rock wall above the pond. However, it is difficult to find them as their rock windows and the entrance are occupied with a wooden construction.

The castle used to rise on the rock above the cellars and you can recognise the ditches and smallish relics of the walls, obviously the palace. In the sandstone near the dyke of the pond you can come across a relief depicting Jesus on the cross. The locality is sometimes mentioned as Krvomlýn (i.e. Blood Mill). The name is connected with several romantic legends, for example, about the owner of the castle who declared that the mill-wheel that he ordered to be installed under the castle should be started up by the blood of the murderers who had raped and killed his beautiful daughter - and that they should be executed by his own hands.

Harasov, author: Věra Spilková
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