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Ruin of Hamrštejn Castle

The Českolipsko Region

Chrastava, 463 31

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Hamrštejn Castle is situated on the rock extension high above the Lužická Nisa River.

In medieval times it used to protect the merchant route from Liberec to Žitava and the nearby mines where precious metal was exploited. The exact date of its founding is not known. Hamrštejn is first mentioned in 1357 in the document in which Bedřich of Bibrštejn promised his loyalty to King Charles IV. From 1433 there was a Hussite garrison. After that, the castle changed hands several times; however, in 1558 Hamrštejn is mentioned as deserted. At present, there is just a peripheral wall nearly two metres tall, remnants of two towers and walls of a domestic building.

Locality: 6 km from Liberec towards Děčín, 3 km from Chrastava.

Hamrštejn, author: Chmela
Hamrštejn, author: Chmela
Hamrštejn, author: Chmela
Hamrštejn, author: Milan Drahoňovský
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