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Ruins of Chřibský Castle

The Českolipsko Region

Chřibská, 407 44

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Chřibský Castle (Lower Charlestone) is situated 4 km southwest of Krásná Lípa

In the forest to the north of Chřibská you can find the preserved remains of a small cliff-top castle (hrádek = small castle), the origins of which are wreathed in legends. According to these legends it was formerly a hunting residence established during the 13th century, or a guard castle on the old route to Lusatia. An underground tunnel reputedly lead from the castle to the chateau in Dolní Chřibská and treasure was supposed to be hidden here, which inspired the local inhabitants to dig in the area.

Hrádek probably fell into disuse in the 15th century. Its remains are situated on a sheer sandstone cliff over Doubice Stream near the road from Dolní Chřibská to Doubice, not far from the U sloupu gamekeeper’s lodge. According to archaeological research it was an unfortified building, the foundations of which were a cellar carved into the rock and a wooden above-ground structure. Today visitors can see the cellar carved into the cliff with a niche and pockets and traces of the former wooden parts of the building. In spite of the fact that the history of Hrádek is shrouded in mystery and the remaining ruins are inconsiderable, we recommend tourists visit this pleasant site.


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