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Vrchlabí Chateau

Giant Mountains

Město Vrchlabí 1
Vrchlabí, 543 01

Phone:+420 499 405 311
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The picturesque Renaissance chateau surrounded with a park is a natural centre of Vrchlabí.

It was built in the place of an originally Gothic fort by Kryštof Gendorf, an entrepreneur in mining industry in the mid 16th century. The chateau is surrounded by a moat with three falling bridges. The moat was filled up at the beginning of the 19th century. All four corners of the chateau have distinctive octagonal towers with onion-shaped domes. The chateau is completed with a natural landscaped park with exotic tree species and artificial lakes. There is a marked trail that will take you around the park.

As regards the interiors, only the lounge is open to the public and the other rooms area used by the City Authority. The park is open.

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