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Horní Branná Chateau

Giant Mountains

Horní Branná, 512 36

Phone:+420 481 584 178
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The Branský Chateau is located at an elevated point where a fortress used to be. The chateau was founded in 1533 by Zdeněk of Valdštejn.

When he died, the construction work was completed in 1582, on the order of his widow, Marie of Martinice. There were two storeys, the first was made of stone and the second was wooden, with galleries and a spiral at the top of the roof. The chateau was decorated with sgraffito and signs. During the Thirty Years War the building was seriously damaged and the upper floor was burnt out. During the repair work, the signs and the decorations were covered with plaster. In 1868 Count Jan of Harrach had the plaster removed but only a part of the former decorations were saved. In 1994 the facade was restored.

A part of the exposition in the chateau is dedicated to J. A. Komenský, who stayed there for several months before he left the country in 1628.

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