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Chateau Doksy (not open to the public)

The Českolipsko Region

Doksy, 472 01

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The Renaissance Castle in Doksy is situated next to the farmyard and is surrounded by the English Park.

The castle got its today's shape in the 19th century. It is a U-shaped building with a courtyard in the center. The main central wing is dominated by buttresses, in the eastern corner there is a prismatic tower with an onion-shaped cupola. The most valuable wing is the western one. Nowadays, the castle is not open to the public but its hall is occasionally used for cultural events.

Zámek Doksy, author: Jan Pasler
Zámek Doksy, author: Jan Pasler
Interiér zámku Doksy
Interiér zámku Doksy
Zámek Doksy, author: Frýba
Zámek Doksy interiéry
Zámek Doksy
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