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Jinolické Ponds

Bohemian Paradise

Jinolice, 506 01

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Jinolické Ponds consist of three ponds – Oborský Pond, Němeček Pond and Vražda Pond that are located in picturesque environment under the Prachovské Skály Rocks.

The Jinolické Ponds, a group consisting of three ponds, is situated some 5 km from Jičín, to the northeast from the Prachovské Skály, near Jinolice.

Oborský Pond, area 11.4 hectares, is the largest and the most popular. It has a grass beach and a sand beach; the bottom is sand so the pond is convenient for swimming and water sports.

Němeček Pond (5.2 hectares) provides swimming opportunities as well (in particular near the dyke). On the banks of both ponds, there are public campsites, summer house colonies, changing rooms, showers, fast-food outlets and parking lots.

The smallest pond (2.1 hectares) has the mysterious name of Vražda (i.e. Murder). It is not designed for recreation and was declared a national natural monument.

The Jinolické Ponds are a popular destination for visitors of Český ráj and the surrounding areas.

Rybník Němeček

Type of facility: Pond, reservoir, gravel pit
Beach: sandy
Other facilities: Cabins, changing rooms, Showers, WC, Refreshments, Restaurant, Caravan park
Sports facilities: Pitches, Hire of boats and other equipment

Rybník Němeček
Jinolické rybníky, author: Pavel Charousek
Jinolické rybníky, author: Pavla Bičíková
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