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Fire‑Fighting History Museum, Nový Oldřichov

The Českolipsko Region

Nový Oldřichov, 471 13

GSM:+420 724 279 359
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+420 723 387 812
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The Museum maps the history of the fire‑fighting tradition in Oldřichov.

The Fire-Fighting History Museum in Nový Oldřichov was established in 1979 as the Hall of Traditions. After 1989, it was renamed and extended by another building, enlarging the exhibition area up to the current 915 m˛. In the Museum, there are installed all-wood, manual, four-wheel fire engines dating back to the first half of the 18th century, and four-wheel, manual fire engines dating back to the end of the same century as well as the 19th century. In another section of the vast premises, there are exhibited fire-fighting vehicles, e.g. Renault 1926, Mercedes 1940, and Magirus 1939.

The noteworthy exhibits also include the Magirus extension ladder dating back to 1900. The centre of attention is the unique Renault 1926, which was used for the shooting of Jan Svěrák's film titled Dark Blue World and it was lent for the needs of the French film industry several times. The oldest exhibits date back to 1764 and 1770. These were still manually filled with water carried in straw buckets. The gem of the exposition of fire-fighting technology is the Flader steam fire engine dating back to 1900.

Opening hours

May - September Sa 14:00 - 17:00

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