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F. X. Šalda Theatre, Liberec

Jizera Mountains

nám. Dr. E. Beneše 22
Liberec, 460 01

Phone:+420 485 101 523
Fax:+420 485 104 181
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The history of the theatrical building of what is the F.X. Šalda Theatre today dates back to the times shortly after the original Soukenické Theatre was mysteriously destroyed by fire in 1879.

In September of 1881 the foundations were laid for a new theatre and the City Theatre was ceremonially opened in September 1883. The building was cosntructed in Neo-Reneissance style. It has an advantageous position in the city centre, fitting well among the surrounding constructions thanks to its proportions. The front wall is emphasized with a rich stucco decoration, trimmed with a row of sculptures of allegoric meaning. All these sandstone sculptures were carved out by Reinhold Völke, a stonecutter from Vienna, according to the design provided by Bendel, a sculptor also from Vienna.

There are currently three theatre companies performing in the theatre - opera, ballet and dramatic companies.

2013 will be significant and highly varied from the point of view of the F. X. Šalda Theatre. The theatre will celebrate 130 years of its official opening. As such, all three companies will prepare special projects. The drama company has decided to present a production inspired by the life and work of F. X. Šalda. The opera company will prepare the grand opera Catherine of Redern, for which the music has been written by the renowned composer Sylvie Bodorová, with whom the theatre has joined forces. This work will be created directly for the Liberec theatre which will perform its world premiere. The ballet is preparing a performance about the creator of the Liberec theatre’s curtain, Gustav Klimt. A total of sixteen premieres awaits audiences in 2013.

Divadlo F. X. Šaldy, author: Libor Sváček

Services and facilities: Parking, Parking for buses, Cloakroom, Refreshments, Restaurant, WC

Divadlo F. X. Šaldy, author: Libor Sváček
Divadlo F. X. Šaldy, author: Region Liberec, autor: AZ fotky
Divadlo F. X. Šaldy, author: Divadlo F. X. Šaldy
Divadlo F. X. Šaldy, author: Divadlo F. X. Šaldy
Divadlo F. X. Šaldy, author: Divadlo F. X. Šaldy
Divadlo F. X. Šaldy, author: Divadlo F. X. Šaldy
Divadlo F. X. Šaldy, author: Divadlo F. X. Šaldy
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