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Královka Lookout Tower

Jizera Mountains

Janov nad Nisou, 468 11

Phone:+420 723 609 969
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The stone lookout tower offers spectacular views of the Jizerské Hory.

The stone lookout tower with a chalet is located on the flat top of Mount Nekras, the highest point of the Maxovský Hřbet in the Jizerské Hory. Its wooden predecessor, built in 1888, was destroyed by a windstorm. The Královka offers not only one of the most spectacular views of the Jizerské Hory: the panoramic vistas include the Jizerské Hory, Mount Ještěd and the Krkonoše.

Access: marked tourist trails from Rýnovice, Janov n. N. and Bedřichov. By car, via Bedřichov, you can go up to the lookout tower.

Locality: 1 km to the southeast of Bedřichov, 2 km to the northwest of Janov nad Nisou.

What the future holds for Královka?

In June 2013, the KISSES s. r. o. company purchased the entire Královka facility, including the lookout tower and the adjacent buildings.
The company plans to carry out the overall revitalisation of the Královka area in such a way so that it can once again can serve the wider public as it did in the time of its greatest glory. The repair plans are presently under consultation and the repairs will take place in several stages.
The general reconstruction of the main building and the lookout tower are planned for the first stage. The aim is to use modern construction technology and materials to approximate the appearance of the original Královka which was built at the beginning of last century. Documents and information testifying to the original appearance of Královka, including information on the used materials, have been found in public archives with the help of architects.
The opening of a new self-service restaurant in the basement of the main building is planned for spring 2014. It should offer hikers and cyclists fast refreshments in a pleasant and modern environment with excellent cuisine and the option of using the spacious terrace.
The next stage will involve work on the renewal of the original restaurant in the main building. You can look forward a stylish a la carte restaurant with a beautiful view of the environs.
The extensive general reconstruction of the lookout tower will commence in April 2014. This will involve the repair of the tower’s stone cladding, the installation of a new gallery, the reconstruction of the roofs and the disassembly and more sensitive reinstallation of the antennas. The repairs will also involve the stairs and the internal areas. All of the work has been planned to be realised within a period of approximately two months, so the access to the lookout tower may be subject to short-term limitations during this period.
At present, work associated with clearing out all the buildings in the facility is ongoing and the unsuitable buildings, i.e. two hostels and a garage, will be demolished in the period from March to May 2014. New buildings which respect the dominant feature of the original restaurant and hotel and the lookout tower will be built on the sites of the demolished buildings during further stages of the revitalisation. There are plans for the construction of a hotel complex under the supervision of renowned architects and in cooperation with the appropriate authorities.
The revitalisation of the Královka facility will also involve the outdoor areas which will be accessible to the wider public. There will also be a spacious children’s playground with seating.
No precise dates for the completion of the reconstruction stages have been set due to the demanding nature of the entire project.

More information can be found at www.hotelkralovka.cz.

All of the funds received from the visitors to the lookout tower since the autumn of 2013 when the new owner took over the facility are and will be used on its reconstruction and maintenance. 

The lookout tower and refreshment stand are open between 9:00 am – 5:00 pm every day (with the exception of days with poor weather conditions)

The entrance fee for the lookout tower (paid at the refreshment stand): adults: 25 CZK, children (3–12 years) 15 CZK

There may be reduced visitor access to the lookout tower during the period of its reconstruction (April–May 2014). This will mainly involve workdays. 

Parking in the facility: the price for an entire day: 60 CZK

Opening hours

January - December Mo - Th 10:00 - 17:00
Fr - Su 10:00 - 19:00

Entrance fee

Full entrance fee:25,00 CZK
Children:15,00 CZK
Rozhledna Královna, author: Chmela

Services and facilities: Parking, Parking for buses, Refreshments, Restaurant, WC, Souvenir shop

Rozhledna Královna, author: Chmela
Královka, author: Jiří Stránský
Královka – dětské hřiště, author: Renata van Vleet
Královka – dětské hřiště, author: Renata van Vleet
Královka, author: Renata van Vleet
Královka, author: Renata van Vleet
Královka, author: Renata van Vleet
Královka, author: Renata van Vleet
Rozhledna Královka, author: Chmela
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