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Ještěd - TV transmitter

Jizera Mountains

Horní Hanychov 153
Liberec, 460 08

Phone:+420 485 104 291
GSM:+420 605 292 563
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The unique structure on the top of Mount Ještěd is considered the dominating feature of Liberec and the region.

The very first, five-metre-high wooden lookout tower was erected on the top of Mount Ještěd in 1876. It was replaced by another wooden structure in 1889 that was pulled down in 1902 due to the bad technical condition. Five years later, a mountain hotel was built on the top of Ještěd by the architect Ernst Schäfer. However, in 1963 the hotel was burnt out.

The present TV transmitter was built during the 1966 - 73 period according to a project designed by arch. Karel Hubáček. The structure was later awarded the prestigious Perret Prize of the International Union of Architects (UIA) - The Ještěd won the "Building of the 20th century" title.

The height of the transmitter equals 93 m.

There is a funicular to the top of Mount Ještěd.

The covered gallery on the ground floor is open to the public. Other spectacular views of the area are offered from the restaurant or the café on the first floor. The higher floors are used by the hotel.

Access from the city: tram No.3, directed to Horní Hanychov; from there, by the funicular to the TV transmitter


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Opening hours

January - December --

Ještěd, author: Marek Šaroch

Services in the surrounding

Bus stop:1,5 km
Downhill runs:0,5 km

Parking for buses - distance (m): 1000
Services and facilities: Parking, Parking for buses, Cloakroom, Refreshments, Restaurant, WC, Souvenir shop, Disabled access

Ještěd, author: Marek Šaroch
Ještěd, author: Marek Šaroch
noční pohled z Ještědu, author: Horský hotel Ještěd
Hotel Ještěd, author: Horský hotel Ještěd, www.jested.cz
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