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Botanical Gardens in Liberec

Jizera Mountains

Purkyňova 630/1
Liberec, 460 01

Phone:+420 482 360 811
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The modern exposition will take you around the world of familiar and unfamiliar plants.

The Botanical Gardens in Liberec comprise 9 pavilions that offer carnivorous plants, orchids, camellias, ferns, Australian flora, cacti growing upside down, a pavilion with aquariums and vivariums, and many other rare plants. The access to the garden complex is through a glass tunnel that is built through a large aquarium: visitors may enjoy an unusual view of the fish swimming above their heads.



  • a rosarium
  • large alpinum with little lakes and water falls
  • orient garden, 
  • wetland section (a group of 73 pools with more than a hundred plants) 


  • two pavilions with sea aquariums
  • Pavilion Australis - exposition of Australian flora 
  • Pavilion of carnivorous plants
  • Pavilion Neotropis - plants from American tropical regions (giant water lily - Victoria amazonica - that was discovered by Tadeáš Haenke from Chřibská)
  • Pavilion of cacti
  • Pavilion Paleotropis - trophic plants from Asia and Africa
  • Prehistory Pavilion - fern, horsetail, etc.
  • Flower Pavilion - for example, 200 hundred years old camellias, cacti and succulents
  • Pavilion of Africa and Madagascar - deserts and semi-deserts, bonsais, orchids
  • NEW 2014: Water-lilies 
Explanations in other languages (English, German, Polish) by automatic voice devices.

Texts in English and German on sale.


near the tram station "Botanická", line No. 2 and 3 (Direction "Lidové sady/ZOO")

Opening hours

April - October Mo - Su 8:00 - 18:00
November - March Mo - Su 8:00 - 16:00

Entrance fee

Entrance Fee
Full entrance fee:140,00 CZK
Family entrance fee:320,00 CZK
Children:70,00 CZK
Students:70,00 CZK
Senior citizens:140,00 CZK
, author: Libor Sváček

Foreign-language commentary: English, German, Polish
Descriptions of exhibits in foreign language: English, German
Services and facilities: Parking, Parking for buses, Cloakroom, Refreshments, WC, Souvenir shop, Disabled access
Park Specification: Botanical garden

, author: Libor Sváček
, author: Jan Jirouš
, author: statutární město Liberec
, author: statutární město Liberec
, author: RNDr. M. Studnička
, author: RNDr. M. Studnička
, author: statutární město Liberec
, author: statutární město Liberec
, author: Jirouš
, author: Libor Sváček
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